When restoration ruins the appeal

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An appreciation for the antique, or what appears to be antique, is a common behaviour that seems to be ingrained in a lot of us. Perhaps it’s because it reminds people of their childhood, “simpler times” or just that the look and feel of an older object gives it uniqueness and creates a one-of-a-kind piece.

We recently had a discussion with a customer who’d sent us a watch for servicing and to check the seals, bringing it back to its former glory. We moved onto the topic of dial restoration and whether we should repair their watch to the point that it looked as if it had just been purchased and removed from the shop window moments ago.

This watch dates back only 50 years or so, and when you think of the 1970s, there are two distinct design trends that come to mind; bohemian vibes and glitzy disco feels. This watch currently exudes neither of these, however with its angular case and rigid bracelet; it does bring back those nostalgic memories of geometric design.

There seems to be somewhat of a resurgence of the 1970s with design creeping back into people’s homes and into fashion. With people advocating for the revival of terrazzo and macramé, 1970’s design trends are back, lining the walls and floors of people apartments and houses. Less so, the flares and spandex but we’re sure they’ll get their chance.

The patina effect on the dial adds such a sense of character and it almost feels as if this watch has its own memories and wisdom.

Here at Fix My Watch, we understand that not everyone wants their watch to look as if it has never been worn or prefer items to stay true to their original colour and design. Some appreciate the vintage appearance and enjoy the character that this brings. Whether this watch has been left in the sunlight too long, or damaged by water at some point, its charm cannot be mistaken.

This is why we don’t offer dial restorations as standard within each service, however if it is your desire to remove the years from your watch then we have all the necessary tools and skills to restore your watch back to its original condition.