In an Age of disposable fashion, This Omega Speedmaster Can Stand the Test of Time – The First Watch on the Moon

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We couldn’t lose this opportunity to jump on the NASA band wagon and throw up some pictures of a classic, an Omega Speedmaster, “The First Watch Worn on the Moon”.

Some may wonder what is so special about this particular watch. Why does it have such an appeal to watch aficionados and collectors? Why does the wearer have such pride in owning this watch? Some are pushovers for nostalgia, some love the aesthetics and some appreciate the different levels of detail and subtle differences between each release and iteration of this Omega Speedmaster. We just think it’s very cool!

Commonly dubbed the greatest achievement of the 20th Century, whether you believe it or not, sending man to the moon is an unbelievable feat of human engineering and such an incredible triumph of modern civilisation. If you had the opportunity to own a piece of that technology and use it daily, wouldn’t you be proud to wear it? That is exactly what the Omega Speedmaster is.

This watch is the only one to have been flight-qualified by NASA for all manned space missions. Just think, if you suddenly found yourself on the millennium falcon, you’d be happy you were wearing your Speedmaster’.

So why do we care about this watch in today’s world? We have mobile phones that tell the time, Apple Watches that can do a lot more than tell the time, £15.00 Casio’s bought from Amazon and fashion brands such as Armani and Michael Kors. Great, however, can they run forever? Without getting into the black hole that is planned obsolescence, high quality, manufactured mechanical watches do not rely on external factors to ensure it works. If serviced every few years and wound every day, well maintained mechanical watches such as the Omega Speedmaster can last forever. They don’t need charging overnight with your home electricity, nor will you be lost for information if the mobile signal is too weak. Its design is classic and it’s mechanism is everlasting.

In a modern world of disposable items and the latest version replacing the last for a low cost, there is an appeal to owning something that can be passed on to further generations. Watches such as the Omega Speedmaster provide a sense of permanence ion a world that cannot.

Our words and images may not instil the same sense of passion that encompasses an Omega Speedmaster owner, but believe us when we tell you that these watches are a feat of engineering and creativity. To be able to go to the moon and back, they must be pretty special.

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