How to slow down

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How to Slow Down

In today’s world, it’s hard to find the time to slow down. When we are expected to measure every minute of the day, not just in our working lives but in our leisure time too, it can feel like we never stop. Learning to slow down and enjoy the little moments more can be difficult sometimes, but if it’s starting to feel like life is passing you by as the new year approaches, why not try a few of these tips?

Be present in the moment

Mindfulness and learning to focus on the small moments as they happen can vastly improve our mental health. If you find yourself always thinking about what is next on your list rather than focusing on the present, try and consciously take a moment to bring yourself back into the moment. Doing simple things like focusing on a small task as you perform it, such as making a cup of tea, or focusing on your breath and your body can help you to feel more present in the now. Sometimes, the future can wait a little while so we can enjoy the moment we are in!

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Rise earlier

Giving ourselves the bare minimum of time means that we can always feel like we’re rushing from place to place. Sometimes, giving ourselves that extra ten minutes in the mornings can make a huge difference in helping us to slow down. Driving slower can also be key to slowing down our lives, and the temptation to speed from point A to point B can be hard to resist on a busy day. By slowing down our commute and giving ourselves extra time to account for potential delays, we can reduce the urge to rush everywhere and take life as it comes.

Use your phone less

Our lives revolve around technology now more than ever, and with the internet in the palms of our hands, it can feel like we’re constantly wired in and receiving an endless stream of information. Of course, it’s an unfortunate truth that we often require the use of our phones for work, but we should all endeavour to rely on them less where possible. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read instead of reaching for your phone for entertainment, start wearing a wristwatch to tell the time so you don’t have to check your phone as frequently and try switching it off entirely in the evenings when you’re at home. Letting your brain disconnect for even an hour a day can help you to move just that little bit slower.

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