Why We Don’t Offer a Battery Replacement on a Citizen Eco-Drive

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If you’re wondering why we don’t offer battery replacements for Citizen Eco-Drive watches, it may shock you to realise that your Eco-Drive doesn’t have a battery in it at all.

The way a Citizen Eco-Drive works is that it runs off light as its power source, not a standard silver oxide battery. The technology inside a Citizen Eco-Drive can generate power from any light source whether it is natural or artificial and also from dim light sources.

This all sounds great and has even won some awards for Citizen in Japan as their Eco-Drive technology has won acclaim for its environmental protection. Citizen even claim that their Eco-Drive watches do not require battery replacements which sounds like the perfect answer to the problems of regular quartz watches that only last up to 5 years before requiring a repair.  This is all true but you may be wondering why your watch has stopped even though it’s been exposed to light and has been charged to maximum.

What may have not been mentioned is that the light, whether natural or artificial still needs to be converted into power to run the watch. This is where the capacitor comes into it and where your repair starts.

At Fix My Watch, we can replace the capacitor in your Citizen Eco-Drive, no problem! It may not need a battery and reseal repair, however it’s still not working for you and so we will collect your watch, change the capacitor, reseal it correctly and despatch your watch back to you within 24 hours of receiving it.

We do love our Citizens and especially the Eco-Drive. Their dials are so beautifully complex and provide you with almost as much information as a smart watch (well, one that’s not connected to the internet anyway).

Check out these Citizen Eco-Drive watches we repaired in our workshop recently and you’ll get an understanding as to why we love them so much.

If you need your capacitor changing in your Citizen Eco-Drive, get a free https://repairs.fixmywatch.co.uk/citizen-ecodrive/quote to collect and repair HERE.

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