Watch Battery Repair – Too many people forget the most important part of this job!

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Watch battery replacements – It probably sounds quite simple to most. Remove the case back, take out the old battery, put in a new one and replace the case back. Sure, I guess in basic terms that’s exactly what it is.

When you take your watch to a watch stall or do it yourself, you’re probably missing the most important part! Aside from ensuring that the contacts on the movement are cleaned or that no dust gets onto the movement. Apart from ensuring no fingerprints are left on the watch movement or being sure the correct battery is used. Trying not to scratch the case back when taking it apart or damaging the screw threads or removing the battery clip – One of the most important aspects is resealing the watch correctly and professionally.

If you’re like me then you love your watch and wear it everywhere, and that includes outdoors and in the bathroom where, let’s be honest, more than a lot of moisture is expected to come into contact with your watch. If your watch is not resealed correctly then this can really affect your watch’s movement.

Even the sweat from your own body can cause damage to your watch if it is not resealed correctly. Salts can penetrate your watch and build up on the movement and eventually cause it to fail.

At Fix My Watch, we have all the correct equipment required to reseal your watch and a very keen eye when spotting damaged gaskets meaning we will change them in order to ensure your watch is resealed expertly.

As our watchmakers and workshop are fully accredited by Omega and is recognised as an official Omega Service Centre, we can attest to Omega’s understanding and emphasis on water testing.

“Your watch will accompany you through life and continue to give you the time with beauty and precision, if regularly received the best care. The service frequency depends on the use of the watch and the environment in which it is worn. The water resistance can, for example, be affected by the ageing of the gaskets or by an accidental shock. Therefore, we recommend that you have the water resistance checked once a year”. – Omega regarding servicing and water resistance tests.

Omega believes that their watches should be water resistance tested once a year which show how important it is to have your watch sealed correctly. Some may say that’s too often, but I’m sure the majority will agree that a full reseal and repair should be carried out when replacing the battery.

The next time you have your watch opened up by someone with the right tools, make sure they have the right tools to not only seal it up but also test it correctly.

Get a quote now for a battery replacement on your watch and we will collect it for free using our insured couriers.