What do you get in a Fix My Watch Quartz Service

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Within a Fix My Watch service, we ensure all procedures meet manufacturer specifications and with our watchmakers having been in business for nearly 40 years, the wealth of knowledge at our disposal helps give our customers complete piece of mind that their watches are being serviced expertly and correctly by fully qualified watchmakers. So here’s what we do to get your watch fixed:

  1. Your watch will be completely stripped down which starts with the watch being uncased and the dial and hands being removed from the movement.
  2. The movement is carefully deconstructed into its component parts as our watchmakers inspect each part meticulously looking out for signs of wearing. Our watchmakers are looking out for dirt, dust, old and dried oil, faulty circuits or coils, dirty and broken jewels and even sometimes missing parts.
  3. Any parts that cannot be repaired are replaced and all parts are cleaned using our ultrasonic cleaning machine which has a 5 stage cleaning process with 2 cleaning stages, 2 rinsing stages and a drying stage.
  4. Your movement is then reconstructed with precision applying new grease and oil in the required places such as the jewels and winding parts.
  5. The hands and dial are checked for wear & tear that could interrupt the performance of the watch. The hands and dial are then reattached to the movement.
  6. Your watch is then cased back up and all the gaskets are checked.
  7. Your watch is tested in an air-tight water testing machine and when it has passed your watch is set to time and checked over the course of a few days to ensure all is working correctly and most importantly, that your watch is keeping accurate time.
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