How much time do you have?

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We need time, but at what cost?

Fascinating really to think that a time piece can be bought from a few pounds or you could spend thousands of pounds for a precision time piece of extreme beauty with an incredibly precise mechanical movement.

We do have a choice and some watches are better than others, but what cost would you place on time?

Some of the big names in watches like Rolex, Tag Heuer and Rado are precision made time pieces. Not just stunning in style and timeless, but your personal friend.

And its when that watch stops working that you really feel a sense of loss.

Time is precious in so many ways.. the need to account for every second of our lives, the sentimental value, the desire to have a stunning time piece on our wrist that helps us regulate our days.

So keeping your watch in perfect working order, sealed to prevent damage to the delicate movement inside and looking as it did the day you bought it, do come at a cost. You certainly wouldn’t expect your teeth to look perfect if you didn’t clean them regularly, so what makes you convinced that your watch doesn’t need a pamper from time to time?

If you have a watch you really do care about, then ensuring that every second of every hour of every day is accurately given to you is essential if you value your time.

Who knows .. you may find after your watch has been serviced or repaired by Fix My Watch that you may have time on your hands to do other things!

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