Watch Servicing and why it’s so important

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Watches depart their manufacturers in the most immaculate condition imaginable. Case and bracelet shining, gaskets in new condition and batteries and movement working like clockwork (literally). But what happens when they start slowing down and you notice a few issues?

That’s where the importance of a good watch service comes in. For most watches, a complete service will include at least disassembling, cleaning and oiling. At Fixmywatch, however, we also replace worn components, check water resistance is intact and lubricate or adjust movements accordingly but you can read more about the process of our watch services and exactly what we provide on our “Process of a Watch Service” Page. No matter whether you want your Omega, Rolex and Tag Heuer servicing or your Tissot, Rotary and Hublot, your watches are in good hands with us.

So, if you already know exactly what service your watch is getting, what else is there to know? Well, how about WHY? Why is it so important for your watch to be serviced and exactly why is each step integral?

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Watches, like humans, regress with time. Movements deteriorate, condensation builds up and in short, they start to slow down. Unlike their owners, though, watches can be restored to former glories with careful and professional TLC but it is integral you get a good service from a knowledgeable and reputable company because there are so many factors in the restoration of your favourite timepieces. Here, we outline some of the key features of a service but more importantly, why we do them.

1. Disassembly and Reassembly

Venturing into the inner workings of a watch is an intense and difficult task. It is a thoughtful surgery and with all the intricacies, particularly in the case of luxury watch brands, you will only want the most experienced watch workers to take apart your watch before returning it to its former glory. It is vitally important that only someone with experience and care handles your watch because if done incorrectly, they can suffer more in the long term.

watch repair assembly
The movement is carefully reassembled. Our trained watchmakers oil the contact points using manufacturer’s recommended lubricants. This guarantees an outstanding long-term performance of the movement.

2. Cleaning of the Movement

The movement – essentially an engine that drives all watches – is dismantled and cleaned in an ultrasonic bath when serviced by us. This process helps rid all debris, oil residue and other contaminants which helps ensure continually reliable time keeping. Additionally, it actually increases the lifespan of the movement itself.

Complete service cleaning parts
The individual parts are cleaned manually in a cleaning solution.

3. Replacement of Components

Every watch on the market, even the simplest kind, requires numerous important components. A damaged or worn component is not unusual and nor is it necessarily a big problem but if left unresolved, the damages can spread to other vital components. This can make future costs of repairs astronomical and is not worth it when a service analyses each important feature of the watch.

4. Lubrication/Oiling of the movement

In order to benefit the long-term performance of watches, movements should be freshly oiled. Using only brand-recommended lubricants, we ensure that movements are returned to watches in the best working order. Ever heard of the phrase ‘well-oiled machine?’ Well, that is exactly what we specialise in.

5. Water Resistance Renewal

Watches have a wide range of water resistance levels which is all measured by the amount of pressure they can sustain. We run checks to see if the water resistance is intact as well as inspecting all gaskets and replacing where needed. For all regular swimmers or water sports enthusiasts, this service is a must but even for those who only have the odd dalliance with water, any build up of condensation or gap in the watch can cause serious harm and is something that ought to be checked every 3-5 years.

The watch is tested in a water tester to ensure it is sealed correctly according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

6. Quality Control

The aesthetics and functions of watches are tested to check against brand standards.
These final checks are incredibly important because we are a company who prides ourselves on attention to detail and ensuring that your watches are returned in significantly better condition from timing accuracy to cleanliness.

Fundamentally, watches are a fabulous piece of technology that can and should last a very long and healthy life. But sometimes they are vulnerable and it is important to be ahead of the curve – being proactive, not reactive. Routinely, these magnificent timepieces should not require a service every other year but it is vitally important that when you do choose to have your watch checked, it is by an industry professional.

At Fixmywatch, we have a wonderful team of experienced horologists who have worked with a plethora of watches and have mastered the art of a perfect servicing.

If you think your watch is potentially due a service or you have any other issues feel free to get in touch.

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