Prevention of Faults & Caring for Your Watch

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If you have decided to take three minutes out of your day to read this article, I suspect that you are an avid watch fan, keen on maintaining the health of your favourite timepiece. For some people, watches are just a necessity rather than a burning passion but for many, a watch is a beautiful and beloved item in its own unique way. And, if you truly loved something, leaving it to deteriorate and rot wouldn’t be an option. We believe that the same mentality should be applied with watches. But, what exactly can you do to ensure their well being?

Here at FixMyWatch, we are passionate about servicing a wide range of watches and fixing those that have fallen into disrepair but ultimately, we would prefer the prevention of potentially looming faults which can be abetted with regular care. With that in mind, we have collated a few tips and pointers from our team of experts to keep watches in the best nick.

Careful Storing

Whilst not on your wrist, it is ideal for watches to be stored in a quality box away from both damp or extreme temperatures. Essentially, it is about limiting the exposure to moisture as much as possible as this poses the greatest threat to watches as well as that of oils losing their lubricating purposes. Specifically in the case of mechanical watches though, it is advisable to wind and wear them every so often but if this is not possible, be mindful of how long they have been left.

Be Proactive

You wouldn’t wait for your car to breakdown on the motorway before getting it serviced. Instead, you get it serviced every year to keep it from breaking down in the first place. The same logic applies to your watches so it is fundamental to be ahead of the curve and beat your watch before any potential regression. Leading brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer and Omega recommend that your watch is serviced at regular intervals, some suggesting every three years, others every five, but it is essential to show your watch the appropriate care.

Wear Regularly

While it may sound counterintuitive because one might imagine that watches are safer stored away, this is not necessarily the case. Regular wear has been found to make it easier to keep watches in good condition and more importantly, particularly in the case of luxury brands, they have been designed to be worn so by doing so you are keeping them in their natural habitat. Just be aware to take them off before you jump in the shower!

Wind Thoughtfully

As mentioned above, it is advisable to wind your watch regularly, even when it is not on your wrist. Left unused and unwound, the watch gears can stiffen, preventing them from working efficiently. That being said, if your watch is not an automatic mechanical, you should also be careful of winding too much, stopping once you encounter resistance. Otherwise there is a risk of damaging movements.

Nevertheless, despite all this advice, no matter how many prevention techniques you apply or how much care you provide, there is the continuous risk that your watch can slow down and start having issues. At that point, it is 100% advisable to get your watch serviced by experienced professionals.

That is exactly where our team at FixMyWatch would be happy to provide friendly and helpful services. We bring watches back to former glories but most importantly, communicate with customers throughout the process, ensuring you get the exact service you require.

If you’d like to chat to us further about any other issues with your watches, make sure to check out our other blog pieces or get in touch.