Time never stands still!

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Time never stands still!

It?s true. Every day we rely on time. It never stops and for good reason.

We are inextricably linked to nature, the rise and fall of the sun, our very lives revolve on relying on the time of day.

We wake up knowing the time, ensuring we arrive on time for appointments and getting trains and planes on time.

Imagine then if you?re watch was not on time. Consider the consequences of being out of sync with others. You?d miss your meetings, flights and miss connections.

Time is so precious in fact that we expect our watches to be 100% accurate, able to withstand the daily stresses and adventures that our lives go through.

So when you look at your watch you want to be certain that when you need to rely on it, it works at its best .. always there and on time.

At Fix My Watch we are authorised by many well known brands such as Tag Heuer, Omega, Tissot and many more, to look after your watch.

We only use genuine parts, we reseal every watch to the manufacturers exacting standards and then water test the watch over 48 hours under pressure to ensure that when you get your watch repaired by us, you can rely on the time.

So when you next need your watch repairing, let us collect it from you, it will be fully insured. We?ll repair it to your manufacturers exact specifications and then return it to you ? and all in a timely manner.

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