Watch repairs

At FIX MY WATCH we provide a variety of different repairs. We always strive to bring your watch back to as close as original condition as possible.

Some repair types require that the watch be fully serviced during the repair to be able to provide a full guarantee.

Repair and Servicing

Timekeeping faults

There are a few different types of watch movement, powered in different ways. Some are powered by a battery, some by light, some by the movement of your wrist and some by manually winding the crown. If you’re not sure which type of movement is in your watch you can read through our movement guide to determine which you have.

Quartz watches may simply need a new battery, however if it has been longer than 5 years since its last service, we would recommend a service to ensure the watch mechanism is cleaned and working correctly.

Mechanical watches contain many individual parts that come together to power your watch so if it has stopped completely it is likely that there is a broken part inside. A full service will rectify this by cleaning and replacing worn components.

Quartz watches (battery powered) should be extremely accurate so if the timekeeping is not correct, there could be a fault with the internal movement. Your watch will most likely need a service which will address any faults and restore the accuracy of your watch.

If your watch is a mechanical (wound by the crown) the timekeeping can vary from brand to brand and even model to model. Some mechanical watches are highly accurate but will never be as accurate as a quartz watch. First ensure your expectations are set correctly and you’re not holding your watch to a higher regard than its brand specifications permit.

If your watch’s timekeeping is erratic or not as close as it should be compared to when you originally bought it, first consider its age and how long it’s been since it was last serviced. All mechanical watches should be serviced no longer than every 5 years.

Repair & servicing

Crown & winder faults

The crown can be one of the most vulnerable parts on a watch as in some cases it is used everyday to wind the watch. This is the case with manual-wind mechanical watches.

Quartz watches are usually less problematic as the crown is only touched when changing the time forward or backwards 1-hour twice a year. Other than this the crown does not need to be touched at all.


If the crown on your watch has come out, it may be able to be reinserted and repaired by one of our master horologists however we would recommend you DO NOT try to reinsert it yourself as this could damage the movement further.

If the crown on your watch has snapped off or does not screw back down (an option on certain divers watches including Tag Heuer, Rolex and Omega watches) there may be certain parts that require replacing and so your watch may also require a complete service at the same time.

Repair & servicing

Glass & crystal repairs

Watch glasses & crystals come in various materials such as plastic, mineral glass and crystal including sapphire crystal. The varying materials come in various sizes, shapes and costs and not all will be suitable for all watches. Certain brands such as Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling and other luxury brands will have specific glasses designed for certain models and so we will only fit the genuine branded glass.

If you send us your watch via our free courier collection service, we can provide a quote to replace your watch glass. 

Alternatively, you can send us a picture of your watch which also includes the model / serial number so we can provide you with an accurate cost.

Please note that if your glass has smashed, your watch will require a complete service of the movement too in order to guarantee that no glass has entered the movement.

Repair & servicing

Bezel faults

Different brands manufacture their watch models in many different way. Some watches have a rotating bezel, some rotate in both directions, some don’t rotate at all and some are part of the case.

Bezels that are designed to move and be taken off have springs underneath that hold the bezel in place and also allow it to click round when turning. 

If your bezel has come off or wont turn it may be as simple as replacing the spring underneath. If there is a crack or deformity to the bezel itself then it will need replacing.

Send us your watch for inspection and we’ll provide a quote the day we receive it. To reattach your bezel will be from £26.00 – £55.00 but to replace it, we would need to know the model number and brand of your watch.

Either send your watch in for an estimate and we’ll provide a quote the same day or send us your watch details and we’ll provide a quote once we’ve checked your model numbers.

Repair & servicing

Strap & bracelet repairs

We provide a few different repairs for straps and bracelets including replacement straps and bracelets. These can be genuine branded or aesthetically similar depending on your choice. 

We are also able to add and remove links from bracelets whether you have suppled the extra links or would prefer us to source them for you.

Repair & servicing

Case refurbishment & cleaning

Bringing back the shine to your watch is like the cherry on top of the sundae once you’ve had your watch serviced and repaired. We do offer polishing and refurbishment as a stand-alone repair if you just want to bring back that shine.

It is key to note, however, that not all case and bracelet materials can be polished. Anything that is plated, whether that is with gold, PVD (and even some steel) will simply rub off as soon as it is polished. We therefore only polish and refurbish stainless steel, gold, silver or titanium.

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