Revive your watch

Freshen up your watch and restore the original shine and finish with a deep clean in an ultrasonic bath, polishing of the case and checking of the water resistance.


Polished to look like new.

No matter how careful we are, our watches will, over time, receive slight knocks and scuffs from everyday use. This wearing is gradual so you may not even notice it, but take a look at your watch right now, see all the tiny light scuffs and scrapes? we can remove those for you.

Polishing & buffing

With various levels of roughness, polishing wheels bring back the shine and mirror finish to your watch or add a brushed grain effect back to the design. All cases and bracelets are returned back to the original finish making your watch look like new. 

Lapping & cutting

Lapping wheels, belt sanders and lathes are used to bring back the edges of your case and bracelet that have slowly been rubbed down or damaged over years of love.


Shine from across the room.

Daily wear and use of your watch can result in it looking a bit dull.

Dirt and (sorry to say) dead skin accumulate over time and can even make your watch start to smell. As part of a polishing service your watch is steam-cleaned and soaked in an ultrasonic bath which removes the dirt and grime of every day use.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

During the cleaning process, high frequency pressure sound waves are used to agitate the cleaning formula. This disrupts all the dirt particles hidden in all the small sections of your watch and removes them completely.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is like a pressure watcher with steam instead of water. this abruptly but gently blows all of the dirt and grime from all the crevices of your watch including in between the bracelet links, underneath the bezel and around the crown.

Waterproofed for your peace of mind.

How can you be certain that your watch is still water-resistant from the last time it was serviced? During a polishing service, we will renew the water resistance of your watch back to its original manufacturer’s spec

All watches will be given a pressure test to ensure they are water-resistant up to the manufacturer’s specifications*

*Watches will be sealed only to manufacturer’s original specifications. Some watches may require that parts are renewed or changed. In this instance, we will only use genuine branded parts and will request your permission to do so before any work is completed.

If replacement parts are not available in order to seal it, or you refuse for the exchange of parts, your watch will not be guaranteed as water-resistant. This does not mean that we have not tested it.

For further information on water-resistance and waterproofing, please check out this help section here

The process of a watch refurbishment

Customers reviews

What people say?

I had my watch polished with FIX MY WATCH and I didn't realise how scratched it was and dirty it was until i received it back gleaming! 5 star service!
Felicity Johnson
Turnaround time was so quick! and my watch looks as if it was brand new, Thank you so much
Adam Castle
The collection was as smooth as I could've hoped for, collected from my house and delivered back within a week.
James Ashleyson
FIX MY WATCH give excellent customer service, maintain a very good repair service. Would not hesitate to use their expertise again. Would 100% recommend them.
Mr Leonard Horton


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Most stainless steel watches including Rolex, Tag Heuer, Breitling.
  • Titanium watches can also be polished, however the colouring my alter slightly,
  • Solid gold, whether it is white gold or yellow gold.
  • PVD coated (black or yellow painted colour steel) as the coating will simply be removed.
  • Gold plated. Some gold plated items can be polished but it depends on how thin the coating is.

Our skilled polishing team can despatch your watch back to you within a week of receiving it.

All light and fine scratches will be completely removed, rounded edges will be brought back to their original shape. Very deep scratches will be made less obvious but may not be removed entirely. dents and gouges where metal has been completely removed cannot be returned without micro-welding.

We don’t currently offer micro-welding so any broken parts to the case and bracelet cannot be restores. This also includes gouges and chips. We are looking to introduce micro-welding as an option in the future.

Yes! some finished on watches including Rolex and Tag Heuer require a sandblasted finish which we will provide as part of the polishing service if your watch requires it.

Our process involves a free courier collection from any UK address so you do not need to post it, we will collect.

For more info on our collection service, please continue here.

Our polishing service costs £130. This includes free, insured courier collection and return delivery and VAT.

Want your watch to shine?