I need to Fix My Watch so where should I go?

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It?s like your best friend, left or right handed, your watch is part of you.. A reliable, dependable part of your inner circle.

You rely heavily on the accuracy of the time it keeps, to ensure you arrive on time, leave on time, and above all, ensure that you make time.

Breaking your watch, especially one given to you on a special occasion, by your late father, your grandmother or just because you fell in love with it, can be heartbreaking.

It?s for all these reasons that you look after it. Its the very reason that you?ll return to where you bought it, for a repair or service, but that?s not always so convenient.

That?s where Fix My Watch comes in ? we?ll collect your watch from you by secure carrier, insure it, protect it and care for it whilst it makes its way to our time served horologists? workshop.

When it arrives we check over the watch, note any marks and ensure that the watch is as described by you. All of this is done by one of our specialist quality assurance staff.

We?ll let you know immediately if there?s anything that we?re not happy with, but 99% of the time we pass this to our work shop, at all times tracking your watch?s whereabouts.

Once your watch is serviced or battery replaced, it is passed and tracked back to quality assurance to ensure that it is carefully repacked, tracking lables applied and on its way back to you.

It?s no wonder that so many customers prefer Fix My Watch to any other repairer. We work together with you to turn the watch round in a timely and professional manner.

Check out the service here at www.FixMyWatch.co.uk