How We Work

Process of Watch Repair

Once we have taken note of all your details via our quick and simple online form and you have sent your watch to us using our free courier service, we will perform a full diagnostic of your timepiece and record all details within our data system. We will provide you with a notification of its safe arrival.

Your watch will then be assigned to a fully qualified and highly skilled watch technician who will carry out all necessary repairs in order to restore your watch to working order, ensuring that it keeps accurate time [to manufacturers specifications where required].

Whether your watch requires a full service, new parts or simply a battery change, we will provide the utmost care and attention when fixing your watch.

After our watch technician has completed all repairs, your watch will move to our quality control and testing department where rigorous tests will be carried out to ensure accurate time-keeping and quality of repaired or replaced parts.

When our work passes all tests, we will inform you that your watch is headed into dispatch. Once there, our skilled packing and boxing team are ready to package your watch for posting back to you via our free courier service.


  • Removal of strap/bracelet for cleaning
  • Case removal and polish (if requested*)
  • Movement disassembly
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the movement
  • Parts replaced if required
  • Watch reassembly and movement re-oiling
  • Gasket inspection and replacement if required
  • Pressure and water testing
  • Timing
  • Quality control
  • *polishing and refurbishment incur a surcharge

Battery Replacements

Your watch will be fitted with only the highest quality watch battery, Renata Swiss batteries. Once the battery has been fitted and the contacts on the movement have been cleaned, we reseal your watch to manufacturers specifications including changing any gaskets/seals required.


Our facility is insured by one of the top watch and jewellery insurance companies in the UK. Our courier service is also insured, however should you require further insurance and security for returned items, we may upgrade your return at no extra charge.