How do you know if your watch needs a battery or a service?

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This is such a common question we get asked all the time.

Generally a watch functions well all of the time, reliably and without any inkling anything is about to go wrong.

All quartz watches need their batteries changing every few years, so when it stops generally you just know that it lasted a couple of years and is ready for a change.

Sometimes though the watch stops because it was left in your pocket when it went in the washing machine or you kept it on when you went swimming. Its not so obvious in these examples why the watch stops but it did and clearly you weren?t expecting it, so getting the watch serviced is a good idea.

Like a really keen owner of a car who values their vehicle, a service is a reliable way of keeping their transport in top condition. In the same way, an expensive watch needs to be taken apart, the seals and gaskets perish or wear and need replacing with original parts.

Your guarantee is maintained too and that precious watch that either cost you a lot, or has sentimental value, will be serviced by time served horologists ? people who can take watches apart and put them back together again professionally.

More important than anything is the confidence that many of the brands place in Fix My Watch by making us their approved service centre.

So if you need a battery of service for your watch, now you?ll know what to expect.

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