How can I Fix My Watch?

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A watch is a precision instrument. Think about it for a second!

So when you consider the options of dismantling your watch yourself you need to consider whether you know what you?re doing.


Because these are sensitive, precise instruments. They have the tiniest of moving parts you can imagine, and if you get a single spec of dirt in your watch it will likely fail.

Imagine for a moment that the watch you own is waterproof. You take the watch apart, break the seals and then wonder why it?s letting in water.

So what should you do?

Please don?t open the watch you love. It needs to be handled with care, attention and by qualified horologists. (Fancy name for a clock and watch specialist).

If your watch stops working then have it handled by a specialist.

In the case of Fix My Watch, not only are we the authorised service and repair centre for most brands, we?ll pick up your watch from home or your place of work and return it to you within days if it just needs a battery.

Surely less hassle than to fix your own watch!